VIMTRIM is revolutionizing the convenience of personal training, yoga, massage and nutrition coaching. You can come to us or we can come to you, In-Home, In-Office, or in our Gym.

Our facility is located in Chandler on the north west corner of Ray and Cooper. We offer our In-Home & In-Office personal training, massage and yoga in the areas of Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Queen Creek and Maricopa.

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Our staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable and we have flexible scheduling to meet your needs. Plus, the first session is absolutely FREE!

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Fitness at Your Convenience

If you desire In-Home personal training, yoga or massage, there is no waiting for equipment, there are no memberships to worry about, and it is all done in the privacy of your own home. We bring all the equipment that is needed and we take it all with us at the end of the session.

The type of personal trainer Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert residents need is one who works around their schedules, at their convenience. We’ll send a certified person trainer to the residence or place of business you specify for personalized, individualized exercise sessions. Plus, your first session is free. So what do you have to lose?

Learning About Exercise

VIMTRIM not only has the expertise to help you reach your health and fitness goals, we also teach you how to keep the results once you achieve them. Knowledge is power! It is our desire to empower you to live a healthy life style.

Chandler personal training, just like the personal training in Gilbert and Mesa, starts not with the fitness trainer, but with personal fitness for you as an individual. Your expert VIMTRIM coach will design one-on-one workout programs with a custom routine that targets your goals. For example, if you intended to lose weight, your personal fitness trainer will train you with specifically designed workouts, cardio regiments and habit changing nutrition plans.

Customized Routines

Whatever your goal, we here at VIMTRIM know how to work with your unique goals and physical needs. We take the time to know you, and we start with your fitness level in mind. It’s about what works for you and your life to reach your goals, no cookie cutter plans here! We pride ourselves in creating results that last.

All personal trainers in Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa (and everywhere else!) should not only be certified and trained in teaching fitness classes, but also should be able to develop highly customized fitness programs. If you don’t know what type of wellness programs would suit you best, that’s all right. It’s our job as trainers to develop a program for you.

Affordable Workouts

One of the reasons local residents tend to opt for gyms and fitness training studios rather than in home instructor services is because the cost of a personalized session is high. While we offer studio sessions for those looking to train at minimal cost, we want you to know that our at home gym prices are affordable and competitive. If you want to know more, just give us a call, or take a look around our site ,all pricing information is located on our services page.

Don’t forget we offer cheap rates for office instruction too. Finding a top rated professional to offer complete personalization is as simple as can be.

Fitness Like No Other

If you plan to hire a pro to assist you in getting into shape and you compare and contrast with other options in the area, you’ll find that VIMTRIM is anything but ordinary. Get a VIMTRIM pro to help you get started, our team is unmatched in Chandler and the surrounding areas.

The key lies in our ability to target your individual goals during sessions and in how we remain friendly and professional throughout the experience. That’s why VIMTRIM stands above the competition and why we keep growing and expanding to keep up with the demand for real results.

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