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Are You Giving Your Family Your Best You?

December 6, 2018 | Posted By: Christopher James In Uncategorized


Are You Giving Your Family Your Best You?

 The most common response when you ask someone how they’re doing has changed. It’s evolved from the short and conclusive “Fine.”, to the fully loaded, yet still short, “Busy.”

What’s your response when someone asks you, “How are you doing?”

What about when someone asks you about your health? What’s your response then?

It’s a deeper question, but really, we answer it the same way. The only difference is that we feel like we have to justify our lack of concern for our own health, so we say that we are too busy with the kids, the house, the dog, the sports, the car maintenance and the grocery shopping. It’s because you’re “Fine.”, right?

Society has us believing that if we aren’t busy, something is wrong. If you’re a mom or a professional, or both, and you have time to go to the gym and focus on yourself, then you must have your priorities wrong.

The truth is, if you don’t take time for yourself and make your health a priority, then you really do have your priorities a bit out of sorts.

Being too busy to take care of yourself is the last thing your family wants or needs. They need the best you have to offer. Can you honestly say you’re giving them your very best?

Are you tired all the time? Short tempered? Or, have you been in pain since you can remember?

It’s time to start giving your family your best you, and start taking care of yourself. Did you know that working out regularly could improve your sleep patterns, your mood, your pain levels and so much more?

If you aren’t making your health a priority, you need to start today!

 Your health affects everything, and everyone, that’s in your world right now. It impacts your marriage, friendships, time with your kids, work and much more. When you make yourself, and your health, a priority you can be better for your family, friends and work.

If you’re too busy to take care of yourself, then you’re just too busy.

 It’s time to start taking time for yourself and impact your health. It will be the best gift you could ever give your family and those close to you. Many don’t think it’s fair to put themselves ahead of those they love but when it comes to your health it’s how you show them you really care.

Stop holding back. It’s time to give those you love the best version of yourself and the best, most valuable, thing you can do is take care of your health.

How? How can you start improving your health today? Contact one of our Vim Trim coaches today and we can help you get started.



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