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Start Your New Year’s Resolution Now

Don't wait till New Years, start now!
November 5, 2018 | Posted By: Christopher James In FitnessWeight LossWomens Health


You’ve seen it before, and more than likely have lived it – Halloween comes and goes and next thing you know you’re not eating as well as you planned, you quit going to the gym and you barely get any rest at night. Or, maybe you’ve had the intention of starting all those things and now that November is here, you’ve decided to just wait until January to get started. With all the shopping, parties, programs for the kids and family get togethers, who really has time to workout and eat healthy?

Make this year different! Don’t wait until January 1stto start working on your health. The time to start is now!

Stop letting the holidays be the excuse for not taking care of yourself!

 Each year, fall comes around and it seems like everyone stops starting new goals and pushing to succeed. They kick it into cruise control and hope to just maintain the results, if any, they’ve had until now. You don’t have to fall into that trap. You can start now and, instead of kicking yourself for gaining an extra 10 pounds during the holidays, you can start the year stronger and better prepared to reach all your goals next year!

If you start now, you’re two months ahead of where you hope to be in January if you just “maintain” the status quo. Think about it. Did the resolutions work last time? Then, if you’re honest, what do you have to lose by starting now instead of waiting?

The sooner you start, the faster you’ll succeed!

 Studies have shown that only 8% of New Year’s resolutions succeed. If you set goals now and start working on them now, the chances of you succeeding will go up exponentially!

Fall is a tough time, it’s true. Then the holidays come, and our routines tend to go out the window. You may be thinking, “I know I can get one track once January comes. I’ll have more time and it will be easier to stay committed.”

You may have a routine planned, and on paper it looks great! It will look better, though, once you put it into practice. Work out the kinks now. Keep in mind, it’s only better to get three 30-minute workouts in every week than none at all. HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) style workouts are a great way to get your workouts efficiently and effectively.

It’s better to start paying attention to how much candy you sneak, the size of pie you have, your food choices, the amount of sleep you get and how much water you’re drinking now than deciding the next two months will be a free-for-all and you’ll “straighten up” in January.

Finish 2018 stronger than you started, and start 2019 stronger than you ever thought possible!

What fitness goals can you start to tackle today? What’s you’re plan? How can you start taking action in November, so you can finish the year strong?

Leave a comment below and share with us how you plan to start your “New Year’s Resolutions” now! Or, if you need help finding a fitness routine that will help you to find success through the holidays, contact us today! We are here to help you succeed! Don’t wait for the calendar to tell you when you can start something new. Start today and prepare yourself for success in 2019!



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