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Harsha's personal training experance
May 23, 2016 | Posted By: Christopher James In Success Stories


The best trainers have experienced the lethargy and the lack of motivation associated with being out of shape. They sympathize with the bad days. They know it’s a mental game to show up at the next session and hit the next milestone. They know that functional fitness requires an integrated plan of cardio, weights, and nutrition. My trainer, has drawn upon his experience of being out of shape (who is now in impeccable shape) to inspire me to achieve my goals. I started training in June 2014.  With his help and motivation, I cursed and perspired to cut nine minutes off my 5K time (36 to 27 min), improve my balance so that I stand on one leg for two minutes, and turn a 12 minute mile into a respectable 7 minute mile. The magic has been interval training combined with weights and better nutrition. He knows how to set achievable goals. The current goals are to run a 5K in 22 minutes and hit a 6 minute mile.




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