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Linda McQueary

Linda McQueary's Success Story
May 23, 2016 | Posted By: Christopher James In Success Stories


I had fallen and hurt my shoulder six months back.  My shoulder kept getting worse; the more it hurt, the less I wanted to move it.  It was hurting so bad that I was not able to groom my horse, the back and forth motion was as painful as it gets, and there was no way I could throw that heavy western saddle up on her back.  The pain in my shoulder was not getting better on its own as I thought it would.  My range of motion was still not even able to reach across my chest to under my opposite arm. I didn’t want to see a doctor because I was afraid they would want to do surgery. My son was seeing Chris James at Vimtrim for personal training and mentioned a number of times for me to pick up the phone and call Chris.  I eventually did and am sorry that I didn’t do it sooner.

After a month of working with Chris, my range of motion was back to normal, but there was still very little strength in my shoulder. Wonderfully, after only the first visit there was relief from the terrible pain. With each visit the pain was disappearing, but after a month I was still not able to throw that saddle on to my horses back; but at least I could groom her. Chris said it would take some time to strengthen the shoulder so we gave it another month of twice a week visits. Today, 12/28/14, as the picture shows I am able to toss that saddle up and am back to riding – pain free and strong!

If you need help in getting fit again, go see Chris James at Vimtrim. I’m 67 and he helped me, so I know he can help you.

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