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Goodyear, Arizona

If you’re looking for a full service personal training company within the Arizona area, then you should look no further than VIMTRIM. Our services are custom made to each person, according to their lifestyle and specific needs. We have a team of personal trainers that are all certified and ready to ensure that you have the best experience available. At VIMTRIM, we are quite proud of our training team and they are all thoroughly vetted and have a lot of experience. To put things in simple terms, we don’t have any rookies on our team! You can even book a free session with one of our trainers, so CLICK HERE so you can get started.

Once you commit to changing what you do every day, then you will eventually change your body, which will lead to changing your life!

Change Your Habits, Change Your Body, Change your life!


Scientifically Based & Results That Last

One of the things that makes us unique is that we treat each new client on an individual basis and completely customize each person’s program according to what they need and their goals. We have a semi-private studio that you can visit, or we can visit you at your office or home. The level of privacy that we offer is much higher especially in comparison to other big name gyms that don’t even have these services! In many ways, we are not just another personal fitness organization.

Most of all, we have the experience and expertise that will ensure you meet your fitness goals!

Some of the training we offer include senior personal training, one on one, in home, group personal, nutrition, golf, sport specific, pregnancy, rehabilitation and lots of others.

We have a very clinical approach to training and do not approach things in the way that typical trainers do. In the majority of cases, we will ask new clients to see a general practitioner first so that they can get a full panel blood test to check for existing problems and nutritional deficiencies as well as any hormonal imbalances. If any one of these things exist, then they will affect the client’s ability to train as well as get results, which means we need to be aware of them.

Our success lies in our ability to be friendly and professional while honing in and targeting each individual’s fitness goals during each session. VIMTRIM is truly miles away from the competition and we have experienced such a high demand, so we are continuously growing and expanding our operations. We truly take pride in the work that we do and the lives we are changing every day.

Our main goal is to get everyone in the Goodyear Arizona area to have a better life and get results that actually stand the test of time.

See you Soon!


Includes Free Assessment, Body Composition Testing, Goal Setting, and Customized Workout.

VIMTRIM – Personal Training Services

We offer a complete, all in one personal training program and solution that was created after years of expertise and passion in fitness.

Our fitness methods are carefully crafted and they use the world’s best methods so that you get the most out of your workouts. All of the trainers on our staff are certified and they understand personal training and fitness to an extremely high degree while continuing to learn.

We are the number one Goodyear personal training team when it comes to physical fitness.

Years of Expertise

Since we have spent many years studying and learning about fitness, personal training and how the human body works, we at VIMTRIM can offer results that truly wow. It doesn’t matter if you come to us at a young or old age, we can create the perfect routine just for you, that will maximize your fitness and development.

VIMTRIM is synonymous with consistency, quality and reliability.

We have gained this reputation by not hiring people who are new personal trainers and all of our trainers have numerous years of experience and have thoroughly honed and crafted their fitness abilities.

Our company also makes sure that all our trainers go through very difficult training routines and protocols to ensure that their standards are always up to expectations. You are more than welcome to come and experience the training from one of our trainers and you will see results that speak for itself.

Customized Plans

It is no secret that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another person.

Our trainers at VIMTRIM, understand that the human body has many variances and how to recognize these in each person. These minor differences from one person to the next changes how each person’s body reacts to exercise and physical exertion.

So, to ensure that you get the results you want and that your training works, your personal trainer will work with you and customize every detail of your fitness plan.

There is truly nothing that matches our qualified Goodyear team.

Comprehensive Coaching

1) Nutrition
2) One on one
3) Age Specific
4) Scientifically based
5) In Home
6) Rehab

Every single one of our coaching plans is unique and has a great deal of impact. One you start to learn from a personal trainer that is certified, you will begin to see a huge change in both your mindset and your body.

If you’re interested in stepping onto the next stage of your life as a fitter, stronger and healthier version of yourself, then VIMTRIM is the company you’re looking for. Each one of our plans is made in mind with our client’s needs.

So, you should appreciate how much work we put into creating a fully inclusive plan that will guarantee results over the long term. You can be assured that each program is created with modern fitness strategies and created from the ground up.

Free Session (1 Hour)

If you want to just get a feel of VIMTRIM’s personal training, then you can get a 1 hour free session.

Before starting, it will go through your requirements before starting the actual physical session. By doing it, you will not only learn more about your body but also see the potential for amazing results.

Each of our free sessions doesn’t have any fees and once you take a session, you will see how professional our personal trainers are. You are also free to ask as many questions as you want which will also help the trainers to customize your routine.

Dietary Guidance

If you want to get healthier and fitter, you need to do more than just work out.

We know the importance of a good diet and we will help those who are not eating properly to form a better nutritional plan. VIMTRIM focuses on nutritional science to form these plans and each one is customized according to each person’s goals and needs.

If you want to learn more about VIMTRIM, then be sure to call us at (480)-264-5120. You will immediately get access to a free session as well as other services from our team.

Call now and you will take one step closer to a healthier and happier you.


1820 E. Ray Rd Chandler, AZ 85225

PHONE: 480.264.5120


Servicing the areas of:

Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Goodyear, Carefree and Maricopa, Arizona.


Our mission is to make reaching health and fitness goals convenient, life changing and fun; while customizing a fitness plan based on each persons individual goals and needs. To build a fit way of life company that meets the needs of the community through convenient in-home and in-office services. Offer state of the art locations with the latest in technology and innovation.