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Gilbert, Arizona

VIMTRIM is a local full-service fitness and personal training company serving the Gilbert AZ area. Our services are customized to each person’s needs and lifestyle. Our team of certified personal trainers are dedicated to making it the best experience possible. We are very proud of our Gilbert personal training team. All of our trainers are highly vetted and experienced. We do not hire rookies! For a FREE Session/Consultation with one of our personal trainers click this LINK to get started.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Body, Change your life!


Scientifically Based & Results That Last

What makes us unique? We treat each client individually and customize the client’s program according to their own personal needs and goals. We specialize in many types of personal training modalities.  Not only do we have a great semi-private studio but we can come to your home or office. The big box gyms don’t offer these this level of privacy! In many respects, we are not your typical personal training company.

We have the expertise and experience for your fitness goal!

  • One-on-one Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training
  • In-Home Personal Training
  • Rehabilitation Personal Training
  • Senior Personal Training
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Healthy Pregnancy Personal Training
  • Sport Specific Personal Training
  • Golf Fitness Instruction

In many respects, we are not your typical trainers. We are very clinical in our approach. In many cases, we will ask a client to make an appointment with the general practitioner get a full panel blood test to check for any nutrition deficiency’s and/or hormonal imbalances that may affect a clients ability to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

The key lies in our ability to target your individual goals during sessions and in how we remain friendly and professional throughout the experience. That’s why VIMTRIM stands above the competition and why we keep growing and expanding to keep up with the demand for real results. We take pride in changing lives. We enjoy seeing people who have a better quality of life because they choose to work with VIMTRIM.

Our goal is to help everyone we can in the Gilbert AZ area live a better life and do it safely while achieving results that LAST!

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Includes Free Assessment, Body Composition Testing, Goal Setting, and Customized Workout.

VIMTRIM – Personal Training Services

With years of specialized expertise and a passion for fitness, VIMTRIM offers an all-inclusive personal training solution.

The training is meticulously crafted using the world’s finest methods to ensure maximum physical development. All trainers are certified and understand the nuances of personal training while continually honing their craft.

VIMTRIM remains the number one personal training service in Gilbert and is the best team for all physical needs.

Years of Expertise

Having spent years learning the art of personal training and how the body works, VIMTRIM and its team of trainers can offer seamless results. Whether one is coming at a young age or old age, the perfect routine can be developed to maximize development.

VIMTRIM is built on the shoulders of reliability, consistency, and overall quality.

This stems from an appreciation for training experience and not hiring those who are new to the world of personal training. VIMTRIM guarantees all of its trainers have years of experience and have put in the time to work on their craft beforehand.

The company also provides all of its trainers with rigorous training protocols to ensure the standards do not slip at any given point. Clients are welcome to take advantage of this and see incredible results as soon as possible.

Customized Plans

What may work for one person isn’t going to work for another.

This is the premise of VIMTRIM as the trainers recognize how the human body works and where it can vary. These minor differences can play a prominent role in how the body responds when it is put under physical duress while working out.

To ensure the results are positive, and everything works out as intended, the personal trainer will sit down with their client and customize every last detail.

This is the beauty of going to a qualified team in Gilbert.

Comprehensive Coaching

1) One-on-One Personal Coaching
2) Scientifically Based
3) Age-Specific Training
4) Rehab Personal Training
5) In-Home Personal Training
6) Nutritional Coaching

Each coaching plan has something unique and meaningful, which makes it impactful. Learning from a certified personal training makes it easier to notice the development of one’s body and mindset.

VIMTRIM remains a world-class service for those looking to step into the next stage of their life with an eye towards getting stronger, fitter, and healthier. All plans will be devised with this in mind including the client’s core needs.

Take the time to appreciate the value of an all-inclusive coaching plan, which is going to cater to one’s needs and guarantee long-term results. Clients are assured of a current program built from the ground up using modern strategies.

Free Session (1 Hour)

Want to get a feel for why VIMTRIM is the leading personal training service in all of Gilbert?

Take the opportunity to grab onto a free session with one of the team’s certified personal trainers. The session will go through one’s requirements before putting together a robust physical session. This is the chance to learn about one’s body and push towards greater results.

The free sessions do not come with hidden fees and are a way for clients to understand the professionalism of this team. Clients are welcome to ask questions during this session to further customize their routine.

Dietary Guidance

To become stronger and fitter, there’s more to personal training than getting up to workout.

VIMTRIM has perfected the science of understanding how the body works and appreciates the value of dietary guidance. Those who are eating poorly or not maximizing their nutritional intake will remain a step behind. VIMTRIM uses modern nutritional science and helps build a comprehensive diet plan based on the client’s goals.

This information is relayed in a simple to understand document to ensure everything is followed to a tee.

Clients will know their diet can aid their physical development and become a big part of their progression towards a fitter self.

For more information on VIMTRIM and its certified personal trainers, please call in at (480)-264-5120 and begin the process towards getting healthier. Clients will receive access to an immediate session free of cost along with additional options based on the team’s services.

Call now and begin the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


1820 E. Ray Rd Chandler, AZ 85225

OFFICE: 480.264.5120

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Servicing the areas of:

Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Goodyear, Carefree and Maricopa, Arizona.


Our mission is to make reaching health and fitness goals convenient, life changing and fun; while customizing a fitness plan based on each persons individual goals and needs. To build a fit way of life company that meets the needs of the community through convenient in-home and in-office services. Offer state of the art locations with the latest in technology and innovation.

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