The Plan

The Plan

When designing a program there are 3 elements we keep in mind: the client’s current physical condition, the client’s goals, and what the client’s needs are based on our assessment. Personal Training must be customized to each person’s individual goals and needs in mind to achieve the best results.

Phase 1

When beginning the first phase of our program development we take great care to start each client at a level of intensity that is based on their current fitness level. Muscle soreness is an expected part of this process, but there is no need for the soreness to be excessive.

To often, an inexperienced trainer will push a client to hard without doing
a thorough assessment to properly gauge the appropriate starting level of intensity. 

With most clients, we take the first 2 weeks of training to assess and gauge a client’s fitness level, flexibility, endurance, and strength. We call it the “getting to know you” phase. We believe this is important to be able to create a customized plan and avoid injury.

Phase 2

The next phase is the progression. As the client’s body adapts to the positive stressors we are applying to the body through the workouts, we continue to change and adjust the workouts accordingly to avoid plateau. Through this process we continue to educate the client on proper form and introduce new exercises to keep the workouts fresh and dynamic.

The body is Dynamic so therefore the body must be trained Dynamically.

We like to say we never have a bored client. It’s important to continually change the workouts so as to avoid muscle imbalances and encourage better overall muscle development.

We believe is important for the client to understand the “why” when doing an exercise. We desire to empower our clients with the education and knowledge so that no matter where they are, they can workout with confidence that they are doing it correctly and know “why” they are doing it.

When working with one of our Personal Trainers, nutrition coaching is included. Regardless of the goal, what is eaten or not eaten plays a major role in the ability to reach a health and fitness goal.

You can’t out-train your eating habits.

We ask our clients to keep a food journal. By keeping a food journal, this will accomplish two things: it helps keep the client accountable and it helps the trainer have a better understanding of the clients pattern of behavior, and how it’s affecting their ability to reach their goal. See our Nutrition page for more details about our Nutrition Program.

Phase 3

Throughout phase 2 we take biweekly measurements to track the clients progress: weight, body fat %, muscle %, BMI, and circumference measurements.  Once the client’s original goals are achieved, we reevaluate and talk about new goals and where to go from there.

If the client is satisfied with their achieved weight, body composition, and physical fitness, we will go over how to maintain that achieved physical condition. The client can then either continue with their personal trainer, or feel confident they can maintain their fitness level on their own with everything they learned from their personal trainer.

There is no obligation to work with a personal trainer once the goal is achieved, but in many cases clients enjoy the accountability and the continued varying of the workouts the trainer provides. It’s always nice to have the watchful eye of a professional and have the encouragement from the one who helped you achieve your goals.

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