Pre & Post Pregnancy Training

Healthy Pregnancy Personal Training

Before Pregnancy Personal Training

Trying to get pregnant? Your health matters when you are working on getting pregnant. Your cardiovascular system is responsible for supplying the nutrients your body needs. Every part of the body benefits from physical conditioning – including the sex organs. Increased blood flow to these areas makes for a better environment to conceive . Nutritional habits are extremely important; if there is deficiency in any nutrient, that could be an inhibiting factor for pregnancy. It is also important for the body to be at its optimum level of health. Increased strength and muscle tone is key for the health of the reproductive system. Our personal trainers are not Doctors, however, it is our job to get your body physically fit and healthy, to make for the best environment possible to make your dream of being a mother a reality.

Healthy Mommy = Healthy Baby

During Pregnancy Personal Training

Continuing to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle is even more important during pregnancy. There is a lot going on during the first trimester; hormones are changing, the body is building the placenta, and the baby is just starting to grow.  Exercise is a very helpful tool in keeping hormones in balance. Staying active can decrease the intensity of morning sickness and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system is important for your health and the health of your growing child.  As the pregnancy progresses to the second and third trimester, maintaining muscle tone and strength can decrease the aches and pains mothers-to-be experience.  Many women deal with increasing lower back pain as they get further along, which can be decreased by keeping the lower-back muscles strong. Personal training for a healthy pregnancy can make the 9 month experience a positive one to remember.

As long as there are no complications and your Doctor has not given you any restrictions, our pregnancy personal training services are a great way to stay healthy and not gain excess weight during the pregnancy.

You’re not eating for two, you’re eating for you,who is also pregnant.

 After Pregnancy Personal Training

Post-delivery, most mothers can start with a personal trainer within 2 weeks with a doctors release.  We recommend light workouts to start and gradually increase the intensity as able. If you choose to breastfeed, making sure you continue with good nutrition habits is vital. What mommy eats will be what her baby eats.

After the pregnancy, every mother wants to look like she did, or better, before the big news.  If mommy isn’t happy, no one is happy!  Exercise and proper nutrition can also help with postpartum depression and losing the weight will bring back confidence.

Now that you’re a mother, staying in good physical condition remains important. Just wait till he/she starts walking! Contact us today for a FREE consultation and personal training session today.  It also makes a great gift!  We provide personal training services in Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, and Scottsdale.

Makes a great GIFT for a new or soon to be mom!

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