Rehabilitation Personal Training

Rehabilitation Personal Training

Rehabilitation Personal Training – First and foremost, avoiding injury is our top priory! We believe the foundation of every exercise is proper form. “Life” happens to us all; back goes out picking up a box, strain a muscle playing golf, pull a hamstring playing with the kids, or develop tendonitis while gardening. Any number of things can happen in our daily lives and taking care of it the right way is critical to a quick recovery.

Here at Vimtrim we have years of experience working with individuals in Chandler, Gilbert, and across the valley who are dealing with a variety of injuries such as sprained ankles, post knee surgery, lower/mid/upper back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, and much more.

We work with your physical therapist

Our specialty are minor injurys and working along side of your physical therapist to maximize results. Rehabilitative personal training is about maximizing results and reducing recovery time. We have a proven track record of results! Over the years we have seen many clients who have seen dramatic improvements in range of motion, flexibility, strength, and the reduction of pain. If you are going to a physical therapist it is vital to have good communication so we are complimenting the work the physical therapist is doing. In most cases, the physical therapist will have the client sign a HIPAA release form so they can talk to one of our personal trainers directly. This way there is no confusion and everyone is on the same page.

We work with your Chiropractor

Good Chiropractic care is more than an adjustment of the spine, it is about treating the body as a whole. Muscles connect to bones and the only way to hold an adjustment is to strengthen the muscles in order to correct any muscle imbalances that may be the cause of the misalignment. Strength training and Chiropractic care go hand in hand. We have worked with many Chiropractors over the years and have enhanced the care of their patients through proper training. Just like physical therapy, communication is very important in working with your Chiropractor. By having the ability to talk with your Chiropractor directly, we can make sure we are complementing their treatment plan.

We work with your Doctor

We treat the body as a whole and also consider nutrition and supplementation changes that can help the healing process. (It’s important to consult your Doctor before taking any supplements to make sure there are no reactions with medications you may be taking).

We take great care to pay attention to details while following the advice of your doctor, physical therapist, and chiropractor. At Vimtrim we believe strongly that if the health care community works together we can achieve the best results.

Your health is so important to us! When choosing a personal trainer, choose one who takes your health as seriously as you do. Pain is not something you should have to live with!

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