Stretching and Flexibility

Stretching and Flexibility Services

Your flexibility is directly related to your range of motion and ability to perform everyday tasks with ease. Typically, as we age, we begin to lose flexibly, thus reducing range of motion. However, age does not have to define your ability to move freely and enjoy living!

Reduce the risk of Injury

Maintaining healthy flexibly is important for reducing the risk of injury. The risk of muscle and tendon strains increase as flexibility decreases. When muscles and tendons are too tight, it is more difficult for the body to react and respond quickly, increasing the risk of falls and other injuries.

Reduce and/or eliminate pain

Maintaining healthy flexibility is important for pain management. Too often people are unnecessarily taking pain meds or just living with undue pain due to the lack of flexibility. The tighter the muscles are, the greater the stress on the connective tissue and bones causing pain and inflammation. If you are dealing with sciatica, in most cases, the problem can be solved through proper exercise and improved flexibility.

Increase range of motion

Maintaining healthy flexibly improves the quality of life. We were meant to move. The ability to move freely and with ease is not just for the young or athletes, everyone should be able to have fluid movement. Flexibility improves the quality of life. Age is a factor with regards to flexibility, but regardless of age, flexibility can be improved, and health flexibly can be maintained.

Increased performance

Do you enjoy golf, tennis, baseball leagues, or any sport for that matter? Flexibility improves performance! For example, your golf swing power is directly related to the torque produced in the torso. By increasing your range of motion, torque is increased thus improving your overall stroke yardage. Don’t let lack of flexibly take away the joy of the game!

We offer 30-minute stretching sessions or we can add a stretching regiment to your personal training session at no extra cost.

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